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Weight gain due to improper diet. Fatty side and small pants

I Think My Wife Has Been Shooting Me Up With Ozempic In My Sleep Because I’ve Been Losing Weight And My Butt Hurts

Douglas and his wife were both a bit overweight. She decided to go on Ozempic and has been losing weight, so she suggested he try it to. Douglas didn’t think he needed it and told her he would just cut out soda. He has lost a few pounds already. But when he teased his wife about not needing drugs to lose weight, she “joked” that she has been giving him Ozempic shots in his sleep. He has noticed that his butt has been hurting for a few weeks. So now Douglas is worried she isn’t kidding. Could his wife really be dosing him in his sleep? And is it a bad thing if she is?

Douglas E-mailed Us About His Ozempic Marriage Panic:

Dear Jonathan And Ayla,

My wife has been battling weight issues for a few years and I have been on board whatever fad diet or exercise trend she’s been into. Well she went to the doctor about a month ago and he prescribed her Ozempic. She’s been obsessed with it because it actually is working for her. She’s lost about 7-8 pounds over the last month and is eating a lot less and has been eating healthier. She told me that I should get on Ozempic too and I told her I don’t need drugs to lose weight because I have will-power and that I could lose weight just by giving up soda.

So I gave up soda and lost about 4-5 pounds in a week and I was telling her about it and rubbing it her face a little when said straight faced “Well you only lost the weight because I gave you shot of Ozempic when you were sleeping.”

I LOST IT. I accused her of drugging me and said that is illegal and dangerous and she said “I was only kidding buddy. Like I would waste my Ozempic on you.”
But here’s the thing…last week I woke up and my butt hurt. I thought I had been bitten by a bug (I sleep naked) but now I can’t help but think that it was her giving me a shot in my butt cheek when I was sleeping.

Also I’ve been feeling nauseous and have little to no appetite and I looked it up. That’s a side effect of Ozempic. So now I think she did give me at least one shot. She swears up and down she didn’t do it but I’m starting to think she did. This is causing a lot of problems in my relationship. Am I crazy?


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