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Magic Kingdom park at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The 30th annual holiday telecast airs December 25 on ABC-TV. The show also will air in Canada on CBC Network, and across the globe on the American Forces Network. (Photo by Mark Ashman/Disney Parks via Getty Images)

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a place they’ve longed to see in the world. Most of us have a travel bucket list. Now, Fodor’s Travel has put together a list of the 25 must-see bucket list places to visit in the U.S.  Of course, there are a couple of New England destinations on the list. But where are they? And what about the other 23 places?

One of the New England spots on the list, I consider to be my church. The other, I have actually never been to, but I’m putting it on my list, as we speak. Where in the United States have you dreamed of visiting? There are magical places on the list, there are historical spots, beach locations, mountainous destinations and much more. There is definitely a Must See Before You Die Bucket List Destination for everyone in the U.S.

Fodor’s Travel has given us a list that includes “destinations, signs, and monuments that best represent what America is all about: Beacons of democracy in D.C. and Philadelphia, emblems of excess in New York City and Vegas, and the wonders of nature in our many stunning National Parks.” Let’s start right off the bat (pun intended) with the 2 New England spots.  Fodors lists Fenway Park in Boston and Portland Head Light in Maine as 2 of this country’s must see destinations. I’m putting down Portland Head Light on my list right now. And anytime I can get to Fenway is a good time. Let’s see where else we should be going in the US and how they rank.