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Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Excited african woman attending a female friend's housewarming party. Woman giving a wine bottle her friends at entrance door.

Blaine’s best friends were coming over for a house party. They arrived early. In fact, they arrived so early no on was home yet. So they found the hide a key, let themselves in, and helped themselves to food and drinks. When Blaine’s wife came home, she was angry and started fighting with them. But Blaine doesn’t understand why she made such a big deal of it. After all, they’re the couple’s best friends.

Jonathan: In panic button today we have Blaine.

Blaine: Hey, what’s up?

Jonathan: So your problem is that you had some unwanted visitors. Sounds like aliens or something. What happened?

Blaine: My wife and I, we had some friends over. And they got to the house pretty early, and they let themselves into the house. Basically, what they did was they got there pretty early, and they were just looking all over the place for a spare key. Well, they eventually found ours.

Ayla: Dang.

Blaine: And they let themselves inside.

Jonathan: So wait. You guys had a hide a key?

Ayla: And they’re like, I know the key’s somewhere. Let’s just go and find it.

Jonathan: Yeah, maybe they’ve seen him grab it or something. Okay. So they let themselves in. Kind of weird.

Blaine: Yeah. They let themselves in. Everybody has a spare key somewhere in front of their house. Probably. Right?

Jonathan: Right. Maybe.

Blaine: Anyway, they let themselves in. And, by the way, guys, we’ve known these people for years.

Jonathan: They’re your best friends?

Blaine: Yeah, exactly. Best friends. And it wasn’t a big deal. Well, it wasn’t a big deal to me. But my wife came home and they were inside, and she freaked out.

Ayla: Yeah, I get that.

  • Shockingly His Wife Didn't Take It Well

    Blaine: Yeah, well, she freaked out. I mean, she was not prepared.

    Jonathan: She knew they were coming over, though, right?

    Blaine: Yeah, she knew they were coming over. But she just didn’t expect them to actually be inside.

    Jonathan: What were they doing in the house? Were they were just standing there menacingly?

    Ayla: They were staring at the front door. There they go. When are they going to come home?

    Jonathan: What were they doing in the house? Watching TV or what?

    Blaine: No, they just helped themselves to some food. They had a veggie platter. They made some drinks. You know, we were having a party.

    Jonathan: Helping out.

    Ayla: Getting the party started.

    Jonathan: Yeah. They’re getting the party started. So your wife freaked out about this. So did she start fighting with them or confront them. What happened?

    Blaine: She was she was fighting with them. I got home and she was fighting with them and then she started fighting with me. Yeah, it was a big deal. She thought that they were overstepping and I didn’t see what the big deal was.

    Ayla: I can see where she’s coming from now. I think it’s a big deal for someone to be in your house. And they went through your stuff and found your spare key. That’s a huge invasion of privacy. I’d be pretty mad too. Even if they were my best friends, I would have to say something. So it didn’t happen again.

    Jonathan: Yeah, but to cause a scene like that.

    Ayla: I don’t agree with causing a scene, but I do agree with her emotions about it.

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