Carolyn Kruse

Carolyn Kruse

Carolyn Kruse

The big game is almost here. Yeah, most of us here in New England don’t really care who wins or loses, unless you’ve placed your bets. But, we ALL do very much care about the food and bevies! That’s what it’s all about. So I scoured the internet in search of some tried and true scores, and some slightly edgier edibles (not that kind, the general term). Also, I will share a couple of my favorite choices and recipes.

Have fun on Super Bowl Sunday, and remember calories don’t count because EVERYONE is eating too much. It’s like grading on the curve. We all win. Go teams!

  • Chili

    Did you know chili is the most popular dish to serve on Super Bowl Sunday in Massachusetts? So says Nation World News. We are hardy people, we like our food to be hearty. I make a recipe called “Stupid Easy Chili,” because it is. And everyone loves it! I substitute ground turkey for beef. And add plenty of cilantro. Double the recipe, you’ll be glad you did. Find it HERE. 


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  • Shady Punch

    This is like a boozy version of an Arnold Palmer. It’s 1/2 beer, 1/2 lemonade. Punch it up with fresh fruit and a little ginger beer. #Winner

    The full recipe is HERE.

    Shady punch

  • Seven Layer Dip in a cup

    To keep over zealous eaters from double dipping, serve the dip in a plastic or paper cup. And watch it disappear! Chips are used as utensils.

    HERE is the 7 Layer Dip recipe.

    dip and chips

  • Wings

    Have wings, will fly! We love our wings, whatever the sauce. In fact,  National Chicken Council says Americans will consume 1.3 billion chicken wings on game day! Buffalo, BBQ, or teriyaki sauces are all options. But the main ingredients you’ll need for this Super Bowl must-have are chicken wings, unsalted butter, garlic and salt.

    Get the recipe HERE.


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  • Football Fizz shared this delish recipe for a fun, fuzzy cocktail or mocktail to serve up at your Super Bowl Party.

    football fizz cocktail


  • Easy Cheesy Nachos

    Some recipes for nachos can take hours! It shouldn’t be that hard. You’ve got enough to do. So check out some easy cheesy recipes courtesy of the TODAY show, HERE. 


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  • Football Cake Pops

    These look to good not to share! I mean when you’re putting chocolate and peanut butter together it’s always a WIN! Plus they look super cute for your Super Bowl Party.

    Football Cake Pops

    My son loves football! For his eighth birthday, I made cake pops with a rich chocolate cake center and a yummy peanut butter coating. These are sure to be winners at parties, bake sales and sports-watching events. -Jenny Dubinsky, Inwood, WV


  • MVP Buff Chick Dip

    I’ve been serving this recipe for years, and it’s always the MVP at parties. Plus, it’s so easy and takes very little time, and that’s a score in my book. Find my recipe HERE!


  • Gatorade Margarita

    Make all the bets you want on which color Gatorade the winning team will pour over their coaches head. This Gatorade cocktail will win big at your party. It’s takes about 10 minutes. Be sure and get extra Gatorade for not-so-super Monday to follow.

    Gatorade Margarita

    Any student, staff or alumnus from the University of Florida will be familiar with the famous sports drink invented at the school and named after the football team's mascot: the Gator. Make this to celebrate your college days (where you might have improvised a similar drink at the "World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party") -- it's surprisingly tasty and an orange-slice garnish tips it over the top.

  • Warm Spinach Artichoke Dip

    You simply can’t lose with this amazing recipe from Food & Wine. It’s super creamy, but with a crisp, golden top to give it that extra point. 

    Warm Spinach-Artichoke Dip Recipe

    This Warm Spinach-Artichoke Dip recipe gets its flavor from Gouda, scallions, and cayenne pepper. Get the recipe from Food & Wine.

  • Philly Cheesesteak Queso

    If you’re rooting for the Eagles, you’ve got to make this rich and delish dish. Kick-off the party serving this and you will be the MVP.

    Philly Cheesesteak Queso Recipe

    Justin Chapple's Philly Cheesesteak Queso with Hoagie Crostini is the perfect game day snack. Get the recipe from Food & Wine.

  • KC BBQ Chicken Pizza

    In Kansas City, they love their barbeque. This easier pizza recipe will have guests eating out of your hands, but give them a plate.

    BBQ Chicken Pizza - Damn Delicious

    BBQ Chicken Pizza - You can use homemade pizza dough (or store-bought) with leftover rotisserie chicken for the best (speediest) dinner ever!


  • Fruit Salad Watermellon Helmet

    Feeling creative. Grab a knife and get carving. Even if it doesn’t come out exactly as planned, it’ll still look cool. You may need a tutorial to carve a watermellon in the shape of a football helmet. Check it out HERE! 



  • The Cranberry Moscow Mule

    You can’t take the New England out of the Super Bowl. So, here you go. Dress up your traditional Moscow mule with some cranberry!

    This recipe from

    What you need: Copper mugs, ginger beer, limes, vodka, cranberry juice cocktail, raw cranberries and lime slices (for garnish).

    How to make it: To make one cocktail, stir together eight ounces of ginger beer, the juice of one lime, one shot of vodka and one tablespoon of cranberry juice cocktail. Pour over ice; garnish with cranberries and lime slices.

    This Cranberry Moscow Mule Recipe Is the Best Thing to Happen to Winter

    Your go-to Moscow Mule recipe is all dressed up for the holiday season with the help of oh-so-festive cranberries.

  • A Super Snack Mix

    Need a little something to bring to a party, this is always a hit! And it only takes 5 minutes.

    Touchdown Snack Mix

    Win big at your next tailgate or watch party with this tasty Touchdown Snack Mix filled with sweet and salty goodies including the cutest football shaped pretzels!

  • Halftime Jolt

    Need a jolt to get you through halftime? This coffee and beer concoction should do the trick. (I’m sure there are viable substitutions like using cold brew)

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