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Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Gary’s fiancé has a ten year old cousin who is determined to make “Frozen” decorations for their wedding and she is refusing to let the little girl do it. He understands that his fiancé is very excited for the wedding, but feels bad hurting the little girls’ feelings. Should Gary talk his fiancé into letting a ten year old make decorations for their wedding? Would you?

Ayla Brown: Good morning, Gary. And just a quick congratulations. I hear that there is a wedding coming up. You’re getting married in just a couple of months. So congratulations to you and your fiancée.

Gary: Thank you so much. I’m so excited. And it’s coming really quick.

Ayla Brown: That’s awesome. I’m picturing a nice fall wedding. Hopefully the weather will be nice, but I hear that there is something going on with decorations that you wanted to call in and chat with me about. What is it?

Gary: My fiancée and I, we’ve been super excited for October. She’s been planning this wedding probably for ten years. But her cousin is only ten years old. Really sweet kid. She’s amazing. And I really love her whole family, you know? So her baby cousin made decorations for us. And now we have to have these decorations everywhere, right? On the archway and the table.

Ayla Brown: Okay. So she made some decorations?

Gary: She made a lot of decorations.

Ayla Brown: I can hear, like, a little giggle in your voice. What were the decorations.

Gary: Frozen. She’s obsessed. There are a lot of snowmen. There’s a lot of snowflakes. But she’s cut out with paper, like dozens and dozens of them.

Ayla Brown: I’m going to cry right now. That is the cutest thing ever.

Gary: I know. I thought it was really cute.

Ayla Brown: Yeah. So you think you should use them? Pictures of paper snowflakes at your October wedding all over the place on the archway and the doorway on the table.

Gary: Yeah, I’m cool with it. Objectively, the decorations, they’re bad. I mean, they look like they were made by ten year old. They were right?

Ayla Brown: Let me guess. Your fiancée is not into it.

Gary: No, my fiancée is like, we are not putting these up no matter what. She feels so strongly about it.

Ayla Brown: Come on. It’s a ten year old. It’s a family wedding. Let’s have them up. And she’s like, No, I’ve been dreaming about this forever. And you’re like, Let it go, Let it go. Let’s help Gary out on this. He thinks the decoration should stay. His fiancée says they should go. Which one should it be, in your opinion?

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