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I Sleep In Only A T-Shirt. But Last Night Someone Put Pants On Me When I Was Sleeping. Should I Be Weirded Out?

Bree lives with her dad and step mom. She takes Ambien to sleep, and sleeps in a T-shirt and underwear every night. One morning she woke up to find someone had put pants on her. She confronted her parents and they both denied it. But someone put pants on her. Should she be weirded out by this? Should she confront her parents about it?

Here’s Bree’s Story About Her T-Shirt and Pants

Jonathan: Today on the panic button. Danielle, we have. Bree. Hey, Bree.

Bree: Hey, how are you?

Jonathan: Hi doing great. So, Bree, I think you have something in common definitely with me and I I believe you too, Danielle, is you have a little bit of a problem sleeping.

Bree: Yeah, I I cannot sleep. I I just have struggled for years, honestly. So I  basically take Ambien.

Danielle: OK.

Bree: To fall asleep.

Jonathan: Yeah, I’ve never. Have you done Ambien there Danielle?

Danielle: I have and if you stay up while you’re on Ambien, it’s a really interesting literal trip, yeah.

Jonathan: It’s a trip. I’ve heard that. I really need to get some Ambien. So you take Ambien to sleep and what happened?

Bree: Well, it usually works pretty well for me. I found a good solution in it, but generally I’ll sleep in a T-shirt, that’s it.

Jonathan: OK.

Bree: And I live at home with my step mom and my dad.

Jonathan: Yes.

Bree: And the other night, something weird happened. That’s why I’m calling in. I fell asleep with my door open. But when I woke up, I was wearing pants and I always sleep in a T-shirt. I always sleep in just a T-shirt.

Danielle: OK.

Jonathan: Were you wearing pajama pants, though, right? I’m just saying, like you weren’t…

Danielle: Like jeans?

Bree: Yeah, they were pajama pants.

Jonathan: OK. So somebody slipped pajama pants on you while you were asleep.

Bree: I guess.

Jonathan: And it’s only your step mom and your dad.

Bree: Yes, exactly.

Jonathan: OK.

Bree: So I asked my dad. Because I take Ambien almost every night to go to sleep, and I have a whole nighttime routine. I do my face stuff, shower, all that stuff. I always put on my big T-shirt. I’ve got four of them that I rotate.

Jonathan: Well yeah

Bree: And yeah, I woke up wearing these pajama pants that I don’t even wear anymore.

Danielle:  Is your dad a prude?

Bree: I went up to my dad, and I was like, did you put pants on me? This is so strange. And he was like, no, absolutely not. Adamantly no. And then I went to my step mom, and she was a little weird about the answer.

Jonathan: Good.

Bree: You know lots of UMS in there. So I feel like she’s the one that did it and I don’t know, this is just weird. I feel like this is a violation of my privacy. Should I be freaking out?

Jonathan: I mean it, it is definitely weird.

Danielle: Couldn’t you just shut the door, right?

Jonathan: I mean, did you maybe? You had the door open?

Bree: Yeah, I did.

Jonathan: So maybe they were just like her butts hanging out like this looks bad.

Danielle:  Ohh, shut the door. Don’t put pants on me.

Jonathan: Oh, you mean should they should shut the door? I thought you meant Bree should shut the door. They should shut the door.

Danielle:  Wait. Dad or her step mom could have just closed the door. Very simply. I mean, putting pants on her seems like a lot of work.

Jonathan: Is there any chance it was them being sweet or something like ohh she looks cold. I don’t know.

Bree: I don’t know what to think.

Jonathan: And there’s no chance you did this while you were sleeping. Like you didn’t wake up and do it. Because sometimes people do stuff.

Danielle: Sleepwalking?

Jonathan: Sleepwalking. You never had a problem with that?

Bree: No, I’ve never. I mean, as far as I know. I’ve never sleepwalked. Sleptwalked? I don’t know how to say that.

Jonathan: Somnambulist I think. Ok, so Bree’s problem is, she took an Ambien to fall asleep the other night. And she sleeps without pants on, not to get too personal. But is it just no pants or  you don’t have panties on either, and no underwear? I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.

Danielle: Don’t say panties ever again, John.


Bree: I usually sleep in underwear and A T-shirt and I woke up with  pants. Yeah.

Jonathan: So you were wearing underwear, OK. So she sleeps in underwear under a T-shirt. And when she woke up she had pants on. She confronted her step mom and dad about it, and they both denied it, though she says her step mom was a little weird about it. Should she be worried about this?

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