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When Patriots fans tailgate at Gillette Stadium, it’s a party, right? Wrong. Well, at least according to this new study.


Not the news we’re looking to hear ahead of the Patriots home opener at Gillette on Sunday, September 10 against the Philadelphia Eagles. That’s the game where the team will honor legendary quarterback Tom Brady. If you need any of the details on that, we have it all laid out for you right here with our Patriots At Gillette Stadium: Everything You Need To Know guide.


So at least there will be a party on the field. Because according to a recent study, the pre-game party scene at Gillette is at the bottom of the NFL pig pile. Which, again, is unfortunate timing. Because let’s face it: the New England Patriots are likely to be at the bottom of the NFL pig pile standings-wise come the end of the season. Our sports-talking afternoon host has them winning 7 games. If they’re lucky.


Step Up Your Tailgate Game, Patriots Fans: It’s Weak

Well, if the team is going to stink, let’s do what we can to make it so the tailgating doesn’t. Crestline recently released this: The Fanbases with the Best Tailgaters. They crunched the numbers, and here’s some of the stats they came up with:

  • New England Patriots fans rank near the top for least hardcore tailgaters in NFL.
  • The ideal Patriot fan’s tailgate lasts 1-2 hours and has 5-8 people. There are 3-4 drink options and 3-4 options for food.
  • 53% of Patriot fans would cancel a tailgate if it’s raining.
  • 67% have never continued tailgating after the game.


You can dig into the full study here to see the data points they used to give each team a “Tailgating Score.” Keep scrolling to see the Top 5 and to find out where the Patriots landed on the list.

  • 1) New Orleans Saints

    Is it any surprise? The entire city of New Orleans is one never ending party. So it stands to reason that would extend to the pregames for their hometown football team.

  • 2) Tennessee Titains

    I have three words for you. And those three words are: Bar Bee Cue. I would mess around at at Titans tailgate. But I would never go to a game. I’d just move from party to party eating as much Tennessee BBQ as I could handle.

  • 3) Philadelphia Eagles

    I can’t say I’ve been to an Eagles game, but I have been to a Phillies game. And Philly fans were tailgating before the damn baseball game. So I can only imagine the insanity that goes down at an Eagles tailgate.

  • 4) Detroit Lions

    Will the Lions actually be good this year? Who cares! When you’re No. 4 on the tailgating list, it doesn’t matter what the team does on the field. You’ve already won.

  • 5) Dallas Cowboys

    Remember back in the ’80s and ’90s? When the Patriots weren’t very good so everyone was on the Cowboys bandwagon? Well, all those kids in Cowboys Starter jackets have grown up now and they’re throwing down at the Dallas tailgate.

  • 30) New England Patriots

    30th? Or, if you prefer, 2nd place for least-hardcore tailgaters? All I have to say is this, other team’s fans: YOU try getting in or out of the Gillette Stadium parking lots on game days!

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