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PRODUCTION - 05 September 2022, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Oberhofen Bei Ravensburg: Harvest workers pick Gala apples in an apple orchard while the harvest tractor drives through the rows with the fruit crates on the trailers. Photo: Felix Kästle/dpa (Photo by Felix Kästle/picture alliance via Getty Images)

These are the best pictures of the Bay State in September that you will see. They are user submitted from the folks at reddit. Truly gorgeous shots that will make you appreciate the beauty of our amazing state!

  • 12. Salisbury

  • 11. Boston

  • 10. Gloucester

  • 9. Last day of summer

  • 8. Mt. Washington, MA

  • 7. Martha's Vinyard

  • 6. Pittsfield *this one is less beautiful and more hilarious

  • 5. Bolton

  • 4. Plum Island

  • 3. Orange, MA

  • 2. Greenfield, MA

  • 1. Woburn