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These days there is no shortage of conspiracy theories.

The problem is that a lot of them are a bit…out there. So leave it to the fine users at to come up with conspiracy theories that are actually realistic. Here are the 13 best ones.



  • 13. Kleenex is making you sneeze?




  • 12. Gas companies have a LOT of power




  • 11. NASA just saved the earth?





  • 10. Facebook was a deep state program, and still is?




  • 9. Elvis is not dead, he just went home





  • 8. Why are there so many orange barrels?





  • 6. Facebook again?





  • 5. What about Ben and Jerry?





  • 4. Big milk and big media in bed together?

  • 3. Makes more sense than intending to name your kid X Æ A-12





  • 2. Hallelujah?





  • 1. Have we all been wasting laundry detergent?