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Do you want to become a viral TikTok vet? Just film yourself ranking the top five dog breeds you wouldn’t own and you’re in business!

5 dog breeds I would/could never own as a veterinary surgeon #dogsoftiktok #learnontiktok #veterinary #benthevet

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A veterinarian’s list of dog breeds he wouldn’t own has gone viral but Ben the Vet kept things fair and balanced, and he provided legitimate reasons for his top five list.

Ben the Vet’s least favorite dogs are:





  • 5. Chows

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    Chows (aggression; eye issues; temperament problems) can be temperamental and aggressive.

  • 4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

    Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (heart disease; terrible deaths, heart failure; high probability of disease) are susceptible to heart disease and terrible deaths resulting from heart failure.

  • 3. Dachsunds

    Having a dachshund may be heartbreak, as one in four will develop back problems (Baird and Slater, 2002).


  • 2. Shar Pei

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    There have been issues with the skin of the Shar Pei because of it’s excessive wrinkling (Ben the Vet’s staff have often been bitten because of this).

  • 1. ANY dog with a smashed face


    Dogs with smashed faces, such as French Bulldogs, make breathing difficult.
    According to Ben the Vet, society has come to accept these dogs’ snorting as a sign that they have difficulty breathing. Even though there are healthier specimens than others, these dogs are so susceptible to spinal problems, skin problems, and eye issues, among other problems.
    “It’s ethically questionable, in my opinion, that over half of them require a cesarean to deliver their young, and that’s why I would never want one. If you’re comfortable with that, that’s fine, but for me personally, it’s not very fair.”
    People in the comment section for Ben the Vet’s video were sympathetic to his answers because he explained why he would not own the breed.
    “Thank you for addressing these issues! Cavalier and English Bulldogs are already forbidden in Norway due to health concerns,” one individual said.
    Another wrote, “I adore my French bulldog to death, but I wouldn’t get another one. It’s painful to witness him struggle to breathe.”