Wicked Winter Guide

The Boston Yeti in 2015 with former Boston Mayor and current US Labor Secretary Marty Walsh

Like the swallows back to San Juan Capistrano, beckoned by the bat signal that is another Boston blizzard, the Yeti is back.

If you recall the lore, the Boston Yeti first appeared on the streets of Boston in 2015, a year of many snowstorms, when the city needed a hero.

The Yeti, often spotted clearing sidewalks and freeing buried cars from drifts, reemerged on Friday night on his Twitter account after several members of the populace wondered of his whereabouts.

“I’m not feeling salty about this pending snowstorm. In fact, I’m EXCITED! It looks like this storm is gonna be a doozy. Btw, I’ve missed you all,” he tweeted. “Be safe and stay Yeti ready. See you in the snow xo. #bostonyeti”

The reactions of citizens exploded on Twitter Friday night, and we’ve captured a few below.