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‘Wheel of Fortune’ and ‘Jeopardy!’ have been on the air for DECADES. Both game shows’ contracts with ABC are coming up and the future of the shows have been determined. Could it be the end for one or both iconic evening syndicated game shows? We’ll let you know – but first – a few factors that have fans of the shows questioning whether or not they’d be renewed:

  • Pat Sajak has been getting a little rude with contestants

  • Pat has also continued to be kind of cringey disrespectful to Vanna White on air from time to time

    One example:

  • Alex Trebeck (the GOAT) passed away and viewers can't agree on the success of either of the new hosts

    Lots of love and hate…

    One thing is for sure: we miss Alex.

  • Can 'Wheel' go on without Pat and/or Vanna

    Pat Sajak is 76 years-old. Vanna White is now 65 (and looks great BTW). They’ve both made plenty of money for themselves and their families/future generations. Retirement has been a possibility for a bit and continues to be. Would Wheel be the same without Pat Sajak? Even though he is cringey at times and full of dad jokes I’m not sure I would like another host in that spot. He’s like comfort food. So is Vanna! They look to be grooming Pat’s daughter to eventually take over one of their spots but will that be a great solution?

  • RATINGS!!!

    Ratings will not be a factor in the imminent cancelation of either show. Though the ratings do go up and down a bit the shows have consistently been the #1 and #2 rated game shows (and shows overall) in syndication (Jeopardy! being #1 FYI).

  • JEOPARDY! - The final verdict.



    ABC has renewed Jeopardy!, which is going into it’s 40th season and has been renewed for 5 years – into it’s 44th season overall.

  • WHEEL OF FORTUNE - The final verdict.


    Wheel of Fortune

    ABC has renewed Wheel of Fortune, which is going into it’s 41st season and has been renewed for 5 years – into it’s 45th season overall.

  • Are all the hosts locked in for the same 5 years?

    No word. But they most likely each have their own contracts, not tied to the show itself. So we shall wait, watch, and see.

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