Tom Brady may have announced his retirement a few weeks ago… but he’s back, baby! On Sunday night, Tom Brady announced that he is returning to the NFL to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. See the funniest videos and memes we’ve found of the internet reacting to Brady’s return:

  • I bet they're laughing now

    bleacherreport on TikTok

    162K Likes, 1.2K Comments. TikTok video from bleacherreport (@bleacherreport): "The 🐐 is back (via @Tampa Bay Buccaneers) #tombrady #nfl #fyp". Tom Brady returning to the NFL for year 23 . original sound.


  • Get to work!


  • The MLB lockout lasted longer


  • The worst...


  • Looks about right


  • Year 23!

    Isaac Rochell on TikTok

    45.8K Likes, 282 Comments. TikTok video from Isaac Rochell (@isaacrochell): "Bruh, what is Gisele feeding you @Tom Brady .... 🤯#giselle #tombrady #nfl". Me trying to figure out how to make it to year 23 in the NFL like Tom Brady when I'm only in year 6... . Reading Rainbow Theme Song.


  • Time does not exist


  • Never Say Never

    bleacherreport on TikTok

    9.6K Likes, 35 Comments. TikTok video from bleacherreport (@bleacherreport): "DDDONT TEASE US LIKE THAT, 12 😧 @Paige Mautner #tombrady #return #nfl". Everyone finally accepting that Tom Brady will never play in the NFL again🥺❤️ | Tom Brady: "Never say never". When I Ride.


  • The confusion is real


  • No no no


  • It's fake


  • Now, that's just offensive

    Annie Agar on TikTok

    123.5K Likes, 764 Comments. TikTok video from Annie Agar (@annieagar5): "Great. #nfl #tombrady". If happy ever after did exist | Tom Brady would still be retired. . original sound.


  • What more do you want from me?