Carolyn Kruse

Carolyn Kruse

Carolyn Kruse

It’s National Linguini Day today! My thoughts naturally turn to the North End of Boston and all the delicious Italian food. Just walking up and down Hanover Street can nearly satisfy your cravings. Ok, maybe not. Then, I got to thinking…what is the most popular pasta dish in Massachusetts?  The answer, I found was surprising, to say the least. In fact, most of the New England States, with the exception of one, were surprising to me.

Let’s break it down and take a look at which states are ravioli states, or lasagna states, spaghetti and meatballs or fettucini alfredo states. The choices are literally all over the map. I enlisted the help of Shane Co. who used Google Trends , examing search volume data over a year period. All the information was tallied up to find the most popular pasta dish in every state, across the  country, Warning, discovering this data can lead to extrememe hunger. Great, now I really want a piece of lasagna. Pass the bread, please.

I’ll start by revealing our New England states, then share the entire map of the United States pasta preferences. You’ll also find out what is the popular dish, overall. Napkin in lap. Ready, let’s go!

  • New Hampshire

    In the Granite State, ravioli is the pasta dish of choice. No particular filling noted for the tiny pockets of deliciousness. Feast your eyes on this:

  • Rhode Island

    Little Rhody goes big on traditional flavors with their top choice. They are a state rich in Italian heritage, so their choice is pure. Spaghetti Aglio e olio is the top pasta dish of Rhode Island. Yum!

  • Maine

    You would think the Pine Tree State would like pesto, because it is made with pine nuts. Just a theory. But, I was way off on that one. Mainers like their pasta hardy, with cream sauce and bacon. The top pasta dish of Main is spaghetti carbonara.

  • Massachusetts

    Here, in the Bay State, we like our potatoes. Hey, we have Cape Cod Potato Chips, we like ’em in our chowdah, can’t have a beef stew without them. And hey, we even like them in our pasta! The top pasta dish in Massachusetts is gnocchi! Who knew? Or should I say, who gnewcchi? What exactly is gnocchi? It’s a pasta made from mashed potatoes, I’m told by my mother. It also requires, flour and eggs. Some people add ricotta to the dough. Fun fact: Gnocchi is the plural of gnoccho. But who can eat just one?


  • Connecticut

    The Nutmeg state isn’t going for their favorite spice in the #1 pasta dish of the state. But they are definitely going for fancy. Connecticut’s top pasta dish is liguine with clam sauce. I’m a little surprised that wasn’t Massachusetts’ pick, since we are on the coast. But, pinkies up, CT!

  • Vermont

    It gets really cold in the Green Mountain state, Vermonters need somthing with substance to keep them warm. Something like…spaghetti and meatballs. That’s the most popular pasta dish of Vermont.

  • The Most Popular Pasta Dishes Around American Map

    Shane Co. breaks down the most popular pasta dishes in general, and gives you a state by state accountk, all beautifully mapped out here:

    The Most Popular Pasta Dish in Every U.S. State | Shane Co.

    The act of eating a pasta dish has been forever immortalized on-screen as a symbol of romance and flirtation. We all swooned when Lady and Tramp first nosed a meatball and met for a kiss at the end of a noodle.

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