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Since most of us will be Netflixing and chillin’ tonight, because of the snow, many of us will also be ordering pizza.

Everybody loves pizza! In fact, in the U.S. 93% of us consume pizza every month. Estimates suggest Americans eat an average of 46 slices every year. A little under half of us have pizza weekly. (My hand is raised. Friday night is pizza night).

Of course, we all have our favorite toppings. Some like all the toppings, some like it naked. But according to scientific research, (not really), each of our United States has a most popular topping. Personally, I like half and half. Half a pizza with some veggies, half with some meat, preferably sausage, or pepperoni. Did you know pepperoni is the most popular topping in this coutry?

There are different maps and different selections, depending upon your source. Take a look at the first map and the last map. Quite a difference.