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The Parents I Babysit For Were So Late Getting Home That I Had To Call My Own Mother To Come Watch Their Kids

Katrina babysits for a family during the day sometimes. Recently she agreed to babysit on a day where she also had a dentist appointment. The parents were so late coming home that Katrina was worried she would miss her appointment. They weren’t responding to texts or calls, so she called her mother to come over and watch the kids so she could go to the dentist. When the parents came home and found a stranger with their kids they were angry and they fired her. But Katrina only called her mother because the parents were so late. Were they right to fire Katrina, or did she do the right thing by calling her mother?

Here’s Katrina’s E-mail. Would You Let Her Babysit For Your Kids?

Dear Jonathan And Ayla,



I’ve been babysitting for a woman on my block for the past 6 months. Nothing major just usually watching the kids for a bit after school until she comes home. Well the other day I picked the kids up from school and took them home, made them a snack and played with them. Usually the mom is home around 5pm but today she was late. I texted her around 5:10 but she didn’t answer. The thing was I had a dentist appointment at 545. I told the mom about that when she asked me to babysit and she said it wouldn’t be a problem. Well at 5:30 with still no answer from her I was freaking out. I couldn’t miss the dentist appointment otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get in for another month at least. So I had mom who was home (again same block) come over and watch the kids until their mom came home. My mom had no problem with it.

So she came home and there was my mom in their house watching her kids. My mom explained what happened and their mom seemed fine with it, but then later texted me that she was very angry at me for leaving her kids with a “strange” woman. I got defensive, because that’s my mom, and she said “Well I won’t be using your services anymore, consider yourself fired.”
I’m really upset because I don’t feel like I did anything wrong. It’s not my fault she wasn’t answering her texts and it’s not like I left them with a drug addict or even like a man or something.


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