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Every year Orkin comes out with a report on the Rattiest Cities in America. The report came out and…. WE’RE ON THE LIST! Ugh…

New England nibbles and gnaws away at 2 spots on the Top 20 so let’s go! By the way – in case you haven’t figured it out – these are the cities in America with the biggest rat problems.

  • #1 - Chicago is the Rattiest City in the USA

    This was a repeat at #1 for Chi-town. Congratulations! Bravo!!
    Rats love that deep dish…

  • #2

    New York, New York!

    Up one spot from last year’s rat countdown.


  • #3

    Los Angeles

    Even plastic people have rats – this year LA is down one spot from last year. The rats must have moved across the country to NYC.

  • #4

    Washington, DC

    Lots of rats in DC. teehee

    Washington repeats at #4 for a second year.

  • #5

    San Francisco

    San Fran is so expensive! Those rats are getting a serious bargain living there for nothing!

    San Francisco was #5 last year too.

  • #6


    Philly moves up one spot this year. I bet they love the CHEESEsteaks. Sorry.

  • #7


    Baltimore drops a spot from #6 last year. They probably got scared of being dumped on a picnic table in a poof of Old Bay.

  • #8


    Up 2 spots this year. That’s significant. Cleveland is to rats what Florida is to humans this year I guess. Lots of rats retiring to beautiful….. Cleveland.

  • #9


    Last year the Dirty D was #8. Soon we’ll have to change that nickname.

  • #10


    Down one from last year.

  • #11


    Same spot as last year.

  • #12


    Same as last year.

  • #13


    There we are!! We were #13 last year too. I think Orkin is trying to jinx our teams with the unlucky #. Haters.

  • #14


    Up one spot from last year.

  • #15


    Swapped places with Atlanta from last year.

  • #16


    Holding steady at #16 for a second year.

  • #17


    Cincy jumps 2 spots this year. So was Cleveland. Uh oh Ohio.

  • #18

    San Diego

    Moves down one spot from #17 last year.

  • #19

    Hartford, Connecticut

    First time in the Top 20 for Hartford!

  • #20


    Second year at #20 – Hartford jumped Miami? Yikes.