Everyone loves road trips, especially in the summer. After another long winter of staying in and not wanting to go anywhere, unless it’s a warm place, most of us are more than ready to hit the road. When we think of vacations, most of us prefer to get away. Staycations are okay and can be a lot more economical, but let’s face it, you don’t really do as much as you think you will. That is of course unless you’re a good planner.  To be honest, with most staycations we end up just hanging around the house and streaming a bunch of shows.

So, how about an ideal getaway? What would that look like. You might be surprised to learn that for more than half of us that doesn’t mean getting on a plane and flying off to an exotic destination for sun, food and fun. Nope, it means packing up our family rides and hitting the road to the all of the adventures that await us.

Forget the expensive costs of flying and the overly expensive resort destinations and throw the suitcases in the back and let’s take a road trip!

Most of us love Road Trips the best

Would your ideal vacation include a short flight, or a somewhat long drive? A poll found 73% of Americans prefer to road-trip it when possible.

The average person has been on 16 road trips in their life. Here are the five best parts of one, according to the poll . . .


It also looked at the most annoying things that can happen on the road. The top three are no cell service . . . constantly having to stop so someone can use the bathroom . . . and your kids asking, “Are we there yet?”

37% of people have also experienced a “road trip NIGHTMARE.”

Some common ones people mentioned were flat tires, breakdowns, bad weather, and realizing you hate the person sitting next to you.


  • 5. A tie between "trying local food along the way" and "getting to your destination." No matter how good the trip is, getting there is always fun.

    Hungry woman eating croissant from fridge, view from inside, nighttime cravings

    If you do try a road trip it is always best to map out where you want to eat. A favorite thing to do is find great spots that have been featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. Lord knows that show has been all over the country and back, so it would be easy to find a few to hit up.

  • 4. You just really like driving. 25% agreed with that.

    Couple is sitting in car. Guy is driving and eating candy bar. Girl is looking straight and biting a piece of bar as well. They are safety locked with seatbelt. (Snack Attack: Top 7 Road Trip Munchies)
    There’s something about the sheer freedom of driving when you are not on a schedule. You can stop and linger at destinations or just cruise along taking in all the sites without having to be anywhere for a change.

  • 3. Getting a break from your routine.

    Sunset view of the beach at Cape Cod, Massachusetts (2 Massachusetts Spots Named America's Favorite Resorts)

    Getty Images / Lucky Photographer

    It’s always great to get out of your day to day routine. Let’s face it, everyday life can be a grind, always having to be certain places at certain times. On a road trip, you’re on you’re own time for a change. That can be very intoxicating.

  • 2. Listening to music on the RADIO.

    The Drive In Cinema - Press Launch

    . (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

    We love this one, and frankly feel it should be number one on the list. After all what is a road trip without the jams? Your favorite songs always sound better with the windows rolled down and the radio cranked! Turn it to 11!

  • 1. Seeing new landscapes and scenery.

    Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. It's one of the best budget vacations.

    Getty Images / skiserge1

    Our country has so much beauty to see that you have to get on the road to appreciate it all. Flying over it, does no justice. You have to see the rolling hills, mountains, oceans, lakes and rivers from the care to really appreciate the beautiful country we live in. Just turn up the radio and take it all in!

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