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In case you can’t find a turkey this year, there are plenty of wild turkeys roaming around and taking over my town (and yard daily) so DM me for details (I’M KIDDING!). Let’s talk side dishes. Campbells just released their “State of the Sides 2022.” Here are some highlights sprinkled in amongst the TOP 5 MOST POPULAR HOLIDAY SIDE DISHES IN MASSACHUSETTS for this year. Is your fav #1? Read on…

  • Massachusetts Holiday Side Dish Countdown - #5

    MAC & CHEESE – bonus points if you make it from scratch and it’s still good!

    Killer recipe:

  • How many people prefer the side dishes to the main entrees?

    66% – sorry turkey. You too ham.

  • Percentage of Americans who complain about running out of room for everything on their plate?

    73% – we’re gonna need a bigger boat… err, plate.

  • Massachusetts Holiday Side Dish Countdown - #4

    GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE – I always start with the green bean casserole and end with handfuls of those crispy onion things that go on top.

    Killer recipe:

  • What percentage of Americans will be traveling to a friend or family's house for the big holiday meal?


  • What is the most popular time for holiday dinner to be served?

    Between noon and 3pm. Then it’s leftover pick pick pick time!

  • Massachusetts Holiday Side Dish Countdown - #3

    SWEET POTATOES – You can have all of these. I’m a hater, sorry, but more for you!

    Killer recipe (as far as sweet potatoes go):

  • What percent of people are planning on trying to make a new dish this year?

    54% – wow, you brave!

  • Percentage of people who are looking to 'go smaller' this year to save money?


  • Massachusetts Holiday Side Dish Countdown - #2

    MASHED POTATOES – now these are my kind of potatoes! PS – ours might be more butter than potato.

    Killer recipe:

  • Percentage of Americans planning on serving the same number of OR MORE side dishes than last year?


  • When do searches for Holiday Side Dishes peak online?

    Between November 20th and 22nd – then they stay hot all the way through the end of the year.

  • Massachusetts Holiday Side Dish Countdown - #1

    STUFFING – Isn’t it really just ‘soggy gravy bread’? And I’m totally good with that.

    Killer recipe:

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