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Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Natalie’s son doesn’t have a lot of friends, so when he asked to have one friend sleep over for his birthday she said yes. She called the boy’s mother, who said that he could sleep over their house on one condition. She needed to sleep there as well. She called it a “sleep under”. Natalie thinks that is insane, but her husband doesn’t see what the big deal is. Should she tell her son he can’t have his birthday sleep over? Or should she let this random woman sleep in her house for the night?

Jonathan: Today for panic button, we got Natalie. Hey, Natalie.

Natalie: Hi, guys. Good morning.

Jonathan: So you have a problem with a woman sleeping in your house? What’s going on?

Natalie: Oh, I know it sounds a little weird. I have, my son Chris. He’s nine years old. He doesn’t really have a lot of friends. And, he has one friend, Matthew. Matthew’s so sweet, and they seem to get along the whole school year so far. So we decided to give him a sleepover. His birthday is coming up, so I told Chris he can invite one friend, and he asked, can I bring Matthew over’

Ayla: Sure.

Natalie: So, I met his mom during school pickup. And I told her that Chris’s birthday is coming along and he wants Matthew to sleep over. Is that okay? She’s like, sure, I don’t have a problem with that. But I have to sleep over too.

Ayla: What?

Natalie: Yeah, I thought she was kidding. Sleepovers are fun, but she was very, very serious. She basically told me that she has to be there to monitor the child. Not like anything radical. He doesn’t have any problems or anything, but I guess he wakes up and he has night terrors, or he might have a nightmare and he needs mommy. I’m like, okay, he’s nine years old, but it’s still kind of weird. So I just told her, okay, let me talk to my husband. My husband thinks it’s totally fine. I think it’s weird.

Jonathan: You husband thinks it’s totally fine?

Ayla: To have another woman sleepover?

Natalie: On the couch.

Jonathan: Did he say, hey, can I get a picture of this woman?

Natalie: No, no. But. Yeah, I think it’s really weird. I mean, if I knew her, perhaps I’ll give you a guest room or something. But I just think it’s completely weird. I don’t know.

Jonathan: If it’s your first time meeting this woman.

Ayla: I guess if it would be kind of cool to have a mom sleepover and help out. Just have wine all night and the like.

Jonathan: True. Like, if you were friends.

Ayla: You’re not.

Natalie: I don’t even really talk to her during the PTA meetings that we have. I don’t know. What do you do? I feel really bad because my son does love his friend Matthew. And, you know, he doesn’t really have that many friends. And I told him he could have a birthday sleepover. But I think it’s extremely weird. I definitely have cameras in the house. I’m not worried about her doing anything wrong. I just think it’s completely crazy.

Ayla: It’s just crazy.

Jonathan: But your husband’s okay with this.

Natalie: Oh, of course he’s okay with it.

Jonathan: Is he just overly nice to people or what?

Natalie: He is very, very kind. He’s very generous all the time.

Ayla: I feel like this is more common in this day and age with parents.

Jonathan: Because parents are so protective.

Ayla: Yes

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