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Yes, you read that right. My dog, Buoy (shout out!), has discovered the world of Youtubers. She hasn’t paid much attention to TV ever but I accidentally put a video on by Tito the Raccoon and she was immediately mesmerized, and sadly so was I.

The channel obviously focuses on Tito, who happens to be a raccoon. Tito has 704,000 subscribers so you may already be hip to the omnivorous influencer.

PS – Raccoons are one of my biggest fears (but I have LOTS of them)

  • What does a raccoon YouTuber do?

    A lot of seeing what will a raccoon do with (insert anything here). Jell-O, ice cubes, it’s all fair game (as long as it’s non-threatening to Tito’s well-being). I’ll share some of Buoy’s and my favorite videos a little further down.

  • More raccoons?

    Tito was rescued by his human companion, Mitchell, back in 2017. Since then Mitchell has rescued two more raccoons – Cheeto and Piper – who have become raccoon influencers as well.

  • RIP Tito?!?

    Rumors swirled of Tito’s death in 2020 but it turned out to be a false alarm. Tito had actually escaped through the ducts of his South Carolina house and hasn’t been seen since. Cheeto and Piper have stepped up into the main spotlight since.

  • Do the raccoons have merch?

    Duh. Like any good influencer they do. Check out Tito’s Shop for stickers and paintings you can buy which were actually painted by the talented little fur balls. (OK, talented might be pushing it a little. So are the $200 price tags but I digress.) Oh they also just released a new calendar. The theme is FOOD:

  • Will you really sit around and watch YouTube with your dog?

    From my experience, yes. The further I go writing this article, the sadder I realize that I sound. New level of sad? Here come some of Buoy’s and my favorite Tito videos!

  • What Are the Best Chips?

  • Raccoon Taste Test: Best Goldfish Flavor

  • What Happens When You Give a Raccoon Jell-O?

  • A Day In the Life of a Pet Raccoon

  • What Happens When You Give a Raccoon An Ice Cube?

  • No One Showed Up At My Pet Raccoon's Pool Party

  • Tito Goes to the Pet Store

  • That's All - Now You're On Your Own!

    I’d love for you to show Tito to your pups and let me know how they react. Buoy has become a major fan, though I haven’t broken it to her that Tito is actually two other raccoons now ala Lassies back in the day. Reach me on Instagram @jacksonblueshow – You can even reach out to let me know that you think I’m cuckoo bananas for sitting around watching a raccoon influencer with my labradoodle. I already know, but if you want to reassure me of that it’s cool.


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