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I knew I wasn’t even close to being a centi-millionaire when I had to Google what one was. No, it’s not a part-centaur-part-millionaire mythological creature as I had assumed. A centi-millionaire is a person who has at least $100 million in investable assets. In short, they have beaucoup de bucks.

A new study by Henley & Partners shows that about 35% of U.S. residents worth more than $100 million went to one of eight American universities. And the top school producing ultrawealthy grads is right here in Massachusetts. (The top TWO, actually.) Any guesses?

Before we get to the eight schools that are cranking out the richest of Richie Riches, can you guess what was just named Massachusetts Most Iconic Landmark? For that answer CLICK HERE. And now… on to the 8 Schools Producing the Most Centi-Millionaires in America: