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You can be the proud new resident of a really old, cool, creepy, famous home. Like Stranger Things? Yes? Well get your new welcome mat ready!

  • What 'Stranger Things' house are we talkin' about?

    The Creel House.

  • Who lived there on the show?

    Vecna, the humanoid demon introduced in season 4. I know you’ve always dreamed of buying a house from a humanoid demon. Dream come true situation right here.

  • What will you remember about the house?

    Flashback’s from Vecna’s childhood in the house. You’d remember that the house “often had a mind of it’s own.” Is it actually haunted? According to those that know it’s not not haunted. That’ll help you sleep at night.

  • So... how much?

    $1.5 Million. After you win the Powerball that’ll be pocket change.

  • Where is it located?

    Rome, Georgia. It has a Dunkin’ location so you’ll be happy there.

  • What do you get for $1.5 million there?

    A HUGE old house. Built in 1882, it features 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. 6,000 square feet makes it a very large piece of Stranger Things memorabilia.

  • Want to know some of the quirky features within?

    The butler’s pantry includes an ice maker and wet bar. The master bedroom has a built-in fireplace and hardwood floors. There’s a “Gothic-style” guest house and, according to the listing, “the most beautiful cast iron urinal.” Well ok, sounds beautiful.

  • Does "Running Up That Hill" play 24/7 inside the house?

    No. Thank God.

  • Want to see a clip of it starring in 'Stranger Things'?

    No probz:

    There’s your new home.

  • Alright, just show me the dang listing!

    HERE YOU GO!!! Happy creepy house hunting!