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Athletic Brewing Company ONLY makes NA options. I think they are really tasty and they're made right in CT.

Want to enjoy the taste of beer but you don’t want to drink alcohol? Now you can do both with these non-alcoholic beers!

Beer has been an integral part of human culture for centuries, and definitely in the country music world. However, not everyone wishes to drink alcoholic beverages. The good news is that there’s a growing trend in the beverage industry that caters to this desire for moderation and sobriety. To all of you non-drinkers out there, here are some “NA” choices for you.

The Evolution of Non-Alcoholic Beers

Non-alcoholic beers have come a long way from their earlier days of being uninspiring and unappealing. Previously, they seemed to lack in flavor and complexity. They actually taste GOOD now! I know because I drank some during my pregnancy. (My favorite is Athletic Brewing Company)

Health Benefits of These Beers

One of the most significant advantages of non-alcoholic beers is their positive impact on health. Here are some of the few reasons why.

  • NA beers have fewer calories than regular beers. If you’re worried about your weight, or looking to reduce calories, non-alcoholic beers are a good option for you.
  • Alcoholic beers can be dehydrating to the body, but those with no alcohol in them act as the opposite. They can add hydration to your body. That might be a benefit during the hot summer months. Surprisingly, some NA beers are brewed with ingredients that provide essential vitamins and minerals, such as B-vitamins and antioxidants, contributing to a healthier beverage option.
  • But most importantly, avoiding alcohol can be beneficial for liver health. By drinking NA beers, it will reduce the risk of liver damage and related health issues.

The Responsible Choice

two drunk men leaving a pub

We’ve all had too many drunk nights at the bar. But imagine if you switched to a non-alcoholic beer?

Designated drivers, pregnant women, and individuals taking certain medications need not feel left out during gatherings anymore. Non-alcoholic beers are a responsible choice for those who wish to maintain clarity of mind and prioritize their well-being without sacrificing social experiences.

Additionally, non-alcoholic beers are a great way for individuals to cut back on their alcohol consumption gradually. For those looking to reduce their drinking habits or adopt a healthier lifestyle, these beers can serve as a stepping stone.

Luke Combs Wrote A Song For The “Non-Drinkers” Called “Joe”

Here’s A List Of Great Non-Alcoholic Beers For You!

  • 1. Heineken 0.0

    I have tried this at the Dierks Bentley show at Xfinity! He told us backstage that he doesn’t drink alcohol so he always has some Heineken 0.0 available in the cooler for others who don’t drink. Both Jackson Blue and I drank one WITH Dierks. That was a cool moment. Jackson Blue stopped drinking over a year ago, and I was pregnant at the time. VERY pregnant.

    Ayla Brown and Jackson Blue at XFINITY Center

    Both Jackson and I didn’t drink alcohol at the Dierks show last year. But we both tried the Heineken 0.0!

  • 2. Corona Non-Alcoholic

    I was at Kooks Beach Bar in Rye, NH where I saw someone drinking a Corona NA. I asked them how it tasted and they said it tasted JUST like a Corona. So if you love the taste of Corona, but don’t want the alcohol, this is a great solution for you!

    Corona Non-Alcoholic

    Mexico - Introducing Corona Non-Alcoholic- a non-alcoholic brew with the same crisp, refreshing flavor of the classic Corona beer you know and love- but with less than 0.5% ABV- so you can seize the day and find your fine life - all day long.

  • 3. O'Doul's

    My sister brought O’Doul’s to a party once. She THOUGHT that the beer was just on sale, which is why she bought it. Turns out it was non-alcoholic so that’s why it was cheaper. Still to this day, people still make fun of her for that. But it’s a great choice for non-alcohol drinkers.

    O'Doul's Non-Alcoholic Beer

    Missouri- Non-Alcoholic- American-Style Lager- Pours a clear straw yellow color with a fizzy head. A bold, malty aroma of sweet corn, bread, and grains. A lightly sweetened taste of bread and cereal grains with notes of corn and a very slight bitterness.

  • 4. Guinness 0.0

    This one really intrigues me. I LOVE the taste of Guinness and my husband and I must have had about 200 of them when we visited Ireland in 2019. So this would totally be the beer I would want to drink if I were to get pregnant again, or if I just give up drinking. I can’t imagine giving up drinking, but someday I would like to try a Guinness 0.0 just to say I did it!
    caption id=”attachment_1108985″ align=”alignnone” width=”1024″]man sitting in front of a guinness Dublin is famous for the Guinness, and now they’ve created Guinness 0.0. WOuld you try it?[/caption]

  • 5. Buckler Non-Alcoholic Beer

    I have not tried this beer, but you should! And when you do, report back to me and I will add your review. But here’s a review from someone who lives in New Mexico according to the Total Wine website. “Great NA from Heineken with a full mouth feel of a regular beer. Tastes is great and the beer is not watered down. The pour is like a regular beer with a great frothy head.”

    Buckler Non-Alcoholic Beer

    Netherlands- Non-Alcoholic- Euro Pale Lager- Pours a clear straw yellow color. A very sweet, grainy aroma with hints of lemon grass and husky corn. Tastes of sweet malts and grainy corn with a lingering tartness and metallic zing.

  • 6. Kaliber Non-Alcoholic Beer

    I’ve never tried this one either, but once again, that doesn’t mean it’s not a great choice for all of the non-beer drinkers. They have this one available for purchase at Total Wine and More, so so check it out sometime!

  • 7. Old Milwaukee Non-Alcoholic Beer

    I’ve never had this one or seen anyone drink it before in my life. But that doesn’t mean it’s not good. What I really find interesting is that you can order this off of Amazon. I guess you can really buy anything off of Amazon can’t you!

    Old Milwaukee Non Alcoholic | Pabst Brewing Company

    Old Milwaukee Non Alcoholic is a Low-Alcohol Beer style beer brewed by Pabst Brewing Company in San Antonio, TX. Score: 63 with 66 ratings and reviews. Last update: 07-20-2023.

  • 8. Busch Non-Alcoholic Beer

    While some beers have icky reviews, Busch NA has a 4-star rating. This might be your go-to if you don’t want a craft beer, but something more down the middle of the road.

    Busch NA

    Busch NA non-alcoholic beer description, ingredients, brewing method, ABV, calories, carbs, protein, and where to buy.

  • 9. Samuel Adams Just the Haze

    Support local! Sam Adams is known for their alcoholic beers, but their “Just The Haze” non-alcoholic beers are delicious. Their cans are fun to look at too that it makes you want to purchase one!

    Age Gate

    No Description

  • 10. Athletic Brewing

    Most beer companies have just one version of a non-alcoholic beer. But Athletic Brewing Company’s beer line is ALL non-alcoholic. I tried these when I was pregnant and was very pleasantly surprised at how great they were! Highly suggest to all of the non-alcoholic drinkers.

    All Beer

    Athletic Brewing is pioneering a non-alcoholic craft beer revolution. Enjoy our refreshing brews without sacrificing your lifestyle or good taste.

    Athletic brewing beer can

  • 11. Lagunitas IPNA

    Lagunitas IPNA

    This is a non-alcoholic IPA made by Lagunitas. Check it out if you like this brand of beer.

  • Many Craft Breweries Brew Non-Alcoholic Options Too

    Thirsty? Here’s Every Brewery And Winery On The South Shore

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