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Carolyn Kruse

Carolyn Kruse

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Lately, I’ve noticed a growing number of yellow painted front doors on homes around Massachusetts.  Frankly, I’ve seen enough now to prompt and investigation. I have to know. Is this a color trend, or is there meaning behind it? Turns out, it’s both. In fact, the more I dove in, the more I discovered about door color and what each color signifies. Choosing a front door color is important, and here’s why.

Some front door colors hold a historical significance, while others are more of a mood, or vibe the homeowner wishes to convey. Of couse, many door colors are chosen based on matching the shutters, or paint color of the house. Whether you have put much thought into the color of your front door or not. Find out what your color means, right here, according to the experts. I absorbed information on this subject from several sources, from The Spruce, to Window Nation,, Window World, and also House Digest.

Your front door is a predominant feature on your home’s aesthetics. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then perhaps it could be said that the front door is the entry into the soul of the home. It works for me. You welcome family and friends into your personal space through the front door. Mail and packages get delivered to your front door. First kisses happen at the front door. You open the front door to call your kids in for dinner from playing outside. Life happens at the front door. So paint color matters. And it can have meaning.

  • Yellow

    Since this is what the color that peaked my interest into the meaning behind our front door colors, let’s begin here. This person got it right. According to, “Yellow is linked to optimism and extraversion. Guests will expect sunny rooms and cheerful decor inside.” No historical significance, just bright, warm and sunny.

  • Red

    Red is the color of love. It’s vibrant, and could signafy you are a person who likes to entertain, and is ready to welcome visitors!

    And red front door also has the most historical significance. As points out, there’s a reason why you see so many red doors in New England. According to their article, red has been associated with hospitality for a very long time,; “In early American history, a red front door indicated travelers were welcome to spend the night. Perhaps this is why red is a popular front door color for many Colonial-style homes.

    More interesting facts about red doors. In Scottish history, painting your door red meant the mortgage  had been paid off. Perhaps taken from the expression (or creating the expression), “out of the red.” Red doors were also painted for those involved in the Underground Railroad signaling to freed slaves, their home was safe.

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  • Green

    Think green. Green is growth. Green is good luck. According to, “Green is connected to the wood element in feng shui, related to new beginnings and growth. If your intention is to invite in new opportunities to help you grow and expand, you may want to try painting your door green.

  • Blue

    Different blues mean different things. The Spruce suggests that a darker blue door symbolizes knowledge. Deep in thought, perhaps, like a deep blue ocean. Light blue would likely be connected with the ocean, and coastal vibes.


  • Black

    Black is classic. It’s strong and  You can’t go wrong with this color and it matches everything. It’s also considered a tradtional color, especially in colonial homes. But, The Spruce gets deeper into it, suggesting the color attacts “good energy.” Black does attract the sun, and that certainly is good energy. Black also speaks of elegance, like a tuxedo or that little black dress.


  • White

    White is clean, airy and neat and personifies a clean slate. It’s also a safe color and easy to touch up. That’s the practical side of it. On the flip side, as The Spruce points out, in Feng shui white is connected to metal and “the metal element is related to precision, communication, and joy.” Plus, white is really fun to accessorize. 

  • Brown

    Brown is earthy. In feng shui, that means balance and stability. A very nuturing color for your family, and a connection to mother earth.

  • Gray

    The Spruce reveals that gray is a “supportive color for inviting more metal element qualities into your life.” And that translates to inviting helpful people through your door and into your life, so you can travel. That sounds good to me! 

  • Purple

    Depending on the shade of purple you could be someone who likes to make a flashy, fun statement, or it’s a sign of royalty. Window Nation says “Choose a lavender color for your entry door, and it says you’re sophisticated. Pick a robust shade such as violet, and it might suggest you’re a bit brash or a risk-taker. And a deep, darker-colored purple simply says “rich.” You may not be wealthy, but you have expensive taste, and you don’t mind letting people know it.”

  • Pink

    Tickled pink by a pink door? It could mean you are a romantic. But according to Front Door Ideas, it also could signify your are a cheerful, thoughtful and unselffish person. You see the world through rose colored glasses.

    Pink door

    Photo Courtesy of Debbie Murray

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