Carolyn Kruse

Carolyn Kruse

Carolyn Kruse

You’ve likely seen the term pop up on social media. You can’t miss it on TikTok. But, what is Barbiecore? It’s the hottest of hot pink trends. Certainly, you can guess it has something to do with Barbie! Yes, that Barbie. The 1950s iconic doll, who dated Ken and lived in a dream house. Now, Barbie vibes are seeping into our fashion. From furniture to clothing, makeup to jewelry, and even music and movie…you cannot escape Barbiecore.

Details. You want details. Think pink. That’s it. Sweet, girly-girl, pretty in pink, life is roses and pink champagne kind of vibes. And why not, we survived a pandemic, after all. Like every good trend, what’s old is new again. Much of this fashion moment is being brought to you by our vintage lives. We love a throwback. Repurposed trends give us all the feels, especially when it brings up memories of being a kid playing with our Barbie Dolls, or the movie Pretty in Pink. Or wait, who could forget Elle Woods?

Let’s get down to the pretty nitty gritty and show some hot pink examples of what Barbiecore is all about.

  • Celebrities Are Hopping On Board the Barbiecore Train

    Hot pink, light pink, any pink will do. Whether it’s in your hair, skirt down to there or on  your shoes. Jo Lo is diggin’ it, so is Reese, Rebel and Eva all say yes please.

  • Everybody Wants A Dreamhouse

    Many of us grow up playing with Barbie, putting her cool outfits on and decorating her dreamhouse. So, it only makes sense that when are old enough, and have enough money we want to have our human version of a Barbie Dreamhouse!

    BTW, check this out!

  • Barbiecore Big Screen Style

    Coming to theatres, summer of 2023, the Barbie Movie! This peachy gemy will star Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as her Ken.

  • Kacey Musgraves Ahead of the Barbiecore Trend

    Remember when Kacey did her best Barbie look in 2019, way before Barbiecore.

  • Is Pink The New Black? Tips and the Trend


    The Barbiecore Trend!💕👛🎀 Would you rock this pink aesthetic? #makeup #beauty #barbie #pink

    ♬ Sunroof - Nicky Youre & dazy
  • Shop For Barbiecore

    You know Barbie has to be a Cosmo girl. No, I’m not talking about the pink drink, not the cocktail cosumed in many a eposide of Sex and the City. I’m referring to the magazine that help to spead many a fashion trend. So, why not get shopping advice from Cosmo. Shop right HERE! 


  • Pink! It's Not Just For Girls

  • As I'm Writing This...

    My daughter just walked in the door and showed me her new phone case. Of course, it’s a perfectly time pale pink.

    pink phone case


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