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If you aren’t familiar with the Mandela Effect you are probably living a good life free from any dumb internet theories and conspiracies about simulated realities and multi-verses. I would encourage you to go back to that life and stop reading this article.








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Fine! If you don’t know, the Mandela Effect was so named in 2013 when Nelson Mandela died. It was confusing for many people because they SWORE Nelson Mandela had died years before. Because this is the world we live in. Instead of just admitting that they were mistaken people developed a crack-pot asinine theory that in fact there were two universes one where Mandela had died years ago, and one where he had just recently died. In this theory these two universes collided when The Large Hadron Collider was fired up in 2008 because…reasons…and now we live in a world where people remember things differently. Again, not because people have bad memories but because of SCI-FI. Like most conspiracy theories it only exists because people refuse to admit that they aren’t as smart as they think they are.

So there you go. I hate this planet. Now a Reddit user asked people which Mandela Effect freaks people out the most. Here are the answers.

  • The fruit of the loom logo never had a cornucopia

    As one user points out this is a common one. Many people remember the logo having a cornocopia, but others insist it never did. This is a weird one because it actually did have a cornocopia, but they have gotten rid of it.

  • Mr. Monopoly's monocle. He never had one.

    Many people remember Mr. Monopoly having a monacle. He never did, if you remember him having one it’s because 1. He really seems like he should have one. 2. Mr Peanut has one and besides the fact that he’s a freakish human-legume hybrid he is similar enough to Mr. Monopoly that the confusion is real.

  • How Febreze is spelled

    Man people thinkg Febreze should be spelled “Febreeze”. With two E’s. Look, just because you THINK something should be spelled a certain way doesn’t mean it ever was. For instance I don’t know why so many guys named John have that useless “H” in the middle. But they do and I don’t question it, I just judge their parents.

  • Avril Lavigne never did a “Got Milk?” ad poster.

    This one seems to get the harshest reaction because a LOT of people remember her doing this ad. Personally I have tried my hardest to scrub every memory of that era of music from my

  • Jif, Not "Jiffy"

    People swear there was a “Jiffy” this isn’t that hard to figure out. There is Skippy and there is Jif. People combined them and created this made up peanut butter. No different than if people thought there was a soda called Cokesi or a restaurant called McBurger Bell. The point is our brains are dumb and too many of us refuse to admit it.