Did you know that the world’s largest grandfather clock can be found in Wisconsin? It’s 34 feet tall by the way. Or that the world’s largest office chair is in Alabama? I have always had a Ripley’s Believe It or Not type fascination with world records and world’s largest things. I will sometimes base an entire trip around seeing these marvels. Sometimes it leads to a really great family trip. Other times I take it on the chin as the attraction doesn’t quite live up to the travel.

So I decided to take my curiosity of the bizarre and my love of the unusually large and put together a quick local guide. These are 6 of the World’s Largest Things, Which are Found in New England. No plane tickets necessary to visit these peculiarities. Just a full tank of gas (or two) and a desire to see the world’s largest (BLANK).

Could Massachusetts’s World’s Largest Thing beat THIS?!?

I recently saw THIS ARTICLE about the most overrated attractions in every state. Massachusetts’ most overrated attraction was listed as Plymouth Rock and I’ll give that a biiiiig AMEN! Sorry Plymouth. And sorry historians. But that is truly underwhelming. You expect to see something magnificent that feels important. Then you drive by it while looking for it because it’s just there, like a bench in some random park. You know, the bench that has small engraving on it explaining that it was donated by someone or in memory of someone. It’s a very nice gesture… just understated, like Plymouth Rock. And let’s not even get into if the Pilgrims actually stepped on it! I think we should replace it with the world’s biggest chicken nugget.

Read on…

I’ll list one for every New England state. 6 of the world’s largest things, found in New England:


    Maine is home to the World’s Largest 3D Printer. This is actually what inspired me to write this article. Maine has been home to the world’s largest 3D printer… which was just replaced… by an even bigger world’s biggest 3D printer. The goal there is to prove that humans can fully print 3D houses and leave a smaller carbon fingerprint while doing so.


    Bring your quarter! Because in New Hampshire you’ll find the world’s largest ARCADE! FunSpot in Laconia, NH is officially the largest arcade in the world! (And I bet you still can’t get on one of the MarioKart machines!!)


    Vermont has a pretty cool world’s largest item. It’s one you probably wouldn’t expect: the world’s largest GUMMY BEAR is in Vermont!! Perhaps not for long though. With my love of gummies and my love of Vermont (I LOVERMONT – remember that?) that sucker could be in my belly upon my next visit. Wait, the gummy bear is 27 pounds and 36,000 calories?? Nevermind.
    (They also are home to the world’s largest gummy snake!)


    Connecticut boasts the tallest statue of Uncle Sam in America. I think that makes Connecticut the most American place in America. I’m kidding… unless you’re buying. lol Anyway, Sam stand 38 feet tall in Danbury, Connecticut.


    Head to Rhode Island to set your eyes on the world’s largest – EEK! – bug. I’m sure you’ve seen him before, he’s pretty famous. His name is Nibbles and he’s a giant 9 foot tall and 58 foot long TERMITE. He lives on the roof of Big Blue Bug Solutions in Providence where he works as the company’s big blue mascot.


    I guess I buried the lead above. Massachusetts is home to the world’s largest chicken nugget – though it has long been consumed. But the largest chicken nugget was in fact created in Cambridge, MA in 2022. Two TikTok stars constructed the nugg which took 40 slices of slices of white bread, 40 pounds of ground chicken and 40 eggs to make. They baked the nugget for over 12 hours to… perfection?

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