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Genre-bending artist Zane Christopher is not a country artist, in the traditional sense. However, he is certainly a story teller. This music creator weaves between the lanes of rock, folk and pop, but occasionally takes a short ride down a dirt road to get his twang on. Meet singer/songwriter Zane Christopher from Beverly, my Local Catch of the Week.

An architect of sound, visuals and performance, Zane has been finding ways to display his creativity since he was very young. He’s an actor, dancer, vocalist, musician and lyricist. And then there’s hockey. He’s currently playing semi-pro ice hockey for a Sun Valley Idaho team. And by the way, you might have seen him in the movie, Ted, playing young Ted.

Back to the music. Zane Christopher has chameleon-like qualities, with each new release. And by that I mean he adapts to the story and musical vibe of each song, almost becoming unrecognizable from the previous release. In his new song, “Muscle Car,” Zane threads vintage pop vibes with modern alt rock sensibilities to create a dreamy, driven sound. It’s the story that brings us back to the country genre.

Find out what the song is all about and how Zane came to create it, below. You can listen to “Muscle Car” here and get to know this creative New Englander. Support our local music scene and the artists that work so hard, here, by getting to know them and simply listening to their music.

Singer/songwriter Zane Christopher from Beverly is my Local Catch of the Week. Catch his music, his story and where to find him on social media right here.

  • The Music

    “Muscle Car”

    Zane tells the story of what this song is all about:

    The song takes place in the back of an airplane, a younger Zane (21) is watching the seatback screen on a Jetblue flight back from LA.. he looks defeated..Suddenly the screen flickers and we see an establishing shot of an older Zane, much more sure of himself, one that frankly doesn’t give a F***k, with swagger, scruffy beard, cowboy hat. He’s a rockstar in a vintage mustang convertible. There’s a model wearing vintage denim in the passenger seat. 18 year old Zane watches in amazement at what he’s seeing. THIS IS THE DREAM. Older Zane and model drive on Ocean drive, Newport RI together as Older Zane starts singing to younger Zane through the screen..

    I wrote from this perspective.. the younger ambitious Zane (still finding himself) looking from the outside in.. Our narrator and singer (older Zane) Is where that voice/character comes from in the song. He’s got it all figured out. 

    “Cheers to a Muscle Car, backseat melody, may it never come free..” listen to the lyrics with this stage set in mind.

    Eventually younger Zane gets pulled into the screen. He’s now in the car with them.. everyone around Zane is now sleeping so they don’t notice his seat is empty. 

    As the three characters drive through Newport (we are in the second verse now) older Zane is showing younger Zane what he’s talking about in the song. He’s making younger Zane laugh, the model starts taking to younger Zane..

    They are having a ball. 

    Bridge sung by younger Zane..“I’m so (expletive) tired of the fake sh*.. cut my hair an diet just to make it.. 40 thousand dollars for ya face lift,, fifty grand and I’ll be rich and famous”

    This fires up older Zane and Model.. they join in… altogether.

    The fun gets a little carried away, older Zane loses control of the car and spins out on the side of the road at Ocean drive.. This jolts younger Zane awake back in the plane. He comes too and watches the screen worried about his friends.. We see no movement at first.. “are they dead?” suddenly older Zane and model come to..they laugh it off as Older Zane puts the car in drive and they speed off. younger Zane smiles and shakes his head. 

    He thinks to himself with a smile. and then looks out the plane window into the clouds..

    THE END 

    Listen here:


    Zane Christopher

  • The Story

    • From: Beverly, MA 
    • Now lives in: Sun Valley, Idaho (recording debut album)
    • Current single: “Muscle Car”
    • What lead you to music: I loved music, but never felt like “I could do that”. It wasn’t until I learned how to play guitar when I was 16 when I put the pieces together. I felt like playing and singing was so right and I was obsessed.
    • How long have you been performing: 3-4 years now
    • First country song you learned: Country Roads, John Denver
    • How would you describe your sound: Indie Folk Pop x Alternative Rock with a Country Twang?
    • Who inspires you: In country I was inspired by Billy Currington, Zac Brown, and Kenny. In Indie, Mac Demarco, Tame Impala, Cage the Elephant. Older guys Neil Young, CSN, Jim Croce, John Denver. Recently, First Aid Kit, The Strokes, Arcade Fire. I think in music, our ideas come from an amalgamation of our influences and the real original stuff comes from when you tap into source
    • If you are a band, how did you get your name: When I play with my band we are called Zane Christopher & The Alchemists (reference comes from my favorite book “The Alchemist”)
    • Awards/accolades: none. I was in the movie Ted though lol
    • Dream duet partner: Kacey Musgraves or Mt. Joy
    • All- time favorite country song: There’s a song i just found called “Till the Moon Don’t Shine” by Tobacco City. It might be one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard 
    • First country concert: 2011 Gillette Country Fest (GOATED)
    • If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing: Actor, Jewelry brand founder, bartender
    • Day Job: Acting, server sometimes
    • Most proud moment: I’ll get back to you on that
    • Crazy thing that happened in your music career: my first song getting to a million listens, then 2 million, then 3, and now almost 4.. beginners luck haha.
    • Other things you like to do: I play for a  semi-pro Ice Hockey team right now in Sun Valley Idaho called the Sun Valley Suns. I am a huge bruins fan too
    • Fun facts about you: Aquarius, Voice of Young Ted, hockey player
    • Mantra: Trust the Universe.


  • The Social Network

    Keep up with Zane’s latest music and happenings. Follow him on his social media pages, here:

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