Group Therapy with Ayla Brown

Group Therapy: Every day listeners share their problems and moral dilemmas with us on air and then you, the audience decide what they should do. Because it’s fun to judge…I mean help…other people!

54 episodes

Facebook Burner Page

10:42 Download February 6th

Husband Reading

10:59 Download February 3rd

Dating Questionnaire

10:44 Download February 2nd

Hidden Kids

11:42 Download February 1st

Dog Food

11:15 Download January 31st

Irish Exit

10:37 Download January 30th

Nightly Fireworks

10:48 Download January 27th

Teenage Dye Job

11:03 Download January 26th

Pickle Juice

09:58 Download January 25th

Pregnancy Underwear

11:16 Download January 24th

Missed The Cruise

10:25 Download January 23rd

Botched Engagement

11:28 Download January 12th

Naughty Necklace

11:27 Download January 9th

Hand Washing

12:43 Download January 6th

New Years Kiss

10:12 Download January 5th


11:11 Download January 4th

Yankee Swap

11:09 Download January 3rd

Ice Skating Bully

11:20 Download December 16th, 2022

Cookie Tips

12:39 Download December 15th, 2022

Carrot Cake

11:08 Download December 14th, 2022

Cheap Wine Expert

10:44 Download December 13th, 2022

Baby on a Plane

10:44 Download December 12th, 2022
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