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The Stop Sign

She was driving in Chelsea and saw a landscaper around Rt.1.  He was wearing a black Red Sox hat, a neon shirt, and was working at a "stop sign".  She says he noticed her  and waived before someone behind her honked.  She got nervouos and drove away without talking to him.  She's now looking for…

Beer Tap Blocker

She saw a guy at Kelleher's in Roslindale on Friday night.  She sat at the bar and noticed this really "cute" guy.  At first, she really couldn't see his face but knew there was something about this guy she liked.  A few minutes later she was talking to a different guy, when she noticed the…

Walk The Pond

She's calling for her friend Andrea!  Andrea, saw/met a guy while he was walking his dog at Mill Pond in West Newbury.  Does anyone know who this guy is?  Things seem to have gone well but they never exhanged numbers....BTW, Andrea is really shy, that's why her friend called for her!