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Jamaica Pond

She was out walking her dog at Jamaica Pond last Sunday.  She met another guy there who was also walking a dog.  They shared a nice conversation, realized they have a lot in common, and they're both dog lovers.  Do you know a guy who's average height, has brown hair, and is described as a…

New CMT Star Morgan Myles Called Kruser Before Heading To Toby's Tonight!

Former Berklee student Morgan Myles career is about to take off. Her new video for "Acapella" just premiered on CMT and she just signed a major deal. Now, you can say, "I saw her when..."  Morgan is headlining a Country 102.5 party tonight at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill in Foxboro. Come…

T-Pain & The Cop

She's  looking for a cop she saw last Friday while she was stopped at a light.  She was in her car dancing to her music.  They exhanged a few smiles before he asked "What are you listening to?".  She responded with "T-Pain".  He then said "you should listen to something better....".  Clearly, they had a…

The Dragon Boat Festival

He's looking for a girl that was drinking out of a coconut at The Dragon Boat Festival.  They talked for a bit, shared some of the coconut drink, and spent time together that afternoon. He remembers she had red hair, green eyes, and was named Rose.  Rose, if you're listening...Brian is looking for you.