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Country star Granger Smith made a visit to Boston’s City Hall Plaza on Wednesday night for a free show put on by Country 102.5 and the Mayor of Boston, Marty Walsh.

Country 102.5’s Carolyn Kruse caught up with Smith backstage at the annual Country in the City concert, after he took a tour of City Hall.

“A lot of important people, a lot of cubicles, people doing important things,” Granger told Kruser. “And a view of the harbor!”

Granger became a bit of a household name this past summer when he appeared on ABC’s The Bachelorette to sing his single “Happens Like That” to Becca, Garrett, and a national television audience.

“It was a really cool experience,” he said about being on the show. “It was the equivalent to playing a wedding, because we weren’t the main attraction, it was all about her.”

Granger also talked about his new book, written in part by his alter-ego Earl Dibbles, Jr.

“It’s very interesting to have my first book as a PG-13 kids book. I say kids book because everyone seems to think it’s a kids book. It’s illustrated adult jokes,” Granger explained. “We had a blast writing it. It’s called If You’re City, If You’re Country.

Catch Kruser’s full interview, including a game, “What Would Earl Say?” in the video above.