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Songs that change attitudes, mark time and have the ability to empower…

From Loretta Lynn’s controversial and effective, “The Pill” to Maren Morris’ mighty anthem, “Girl,” these are just a few of the songs that I believe every girl and woman should listen to, at least once. Songs to celebrate this International Women’s Day!

  1. “This One’s For The Girls”- Martina McBride. At any age and any stage, there is reason to embrace where you are at! I have literally teared up with feelings of empowerment,listening to this song


2. “Keeper of the Flame”- Miranda Lambert. Miranda gives a shout out to those women who blazed the trail for her, and promises to honor them by carrying the torch and making them proud.


3. “The Pill”-Loretta Lynn. Loretta shocked the world when she released this 1975 controversial song. It was taboo to even speak of birth control, let along record a song about it, at that time. But the original trail blazer lit a fire with this one.


4. “Follow Your Arrow”- Kacey Musgraves. This 2013 release has to ability to empower any and all. Just turn it up.

5. “Girl In A Country Song”- Maddie and Tae. This duo’s debut was a kick in the belt buckle to the “bro-country” trend. The sassy serenade to the boys and their treatment of women in their lyrics is all-powerful!


6. “Girl”- Maren Morris. Although likely intended as a pep talk to herself, Maren’s current hit is an unselfish and positively persuasive message to all girls. A must listen.

7. “Somebody’s Hero”- Jamie O’Neal. I believe most of our empowerment begins at home, growing up, with our mothers encouragement. Without the love and support of the first woman we loved and admired, where would we be? In the year 2000 newcomer Jamie O’Neal wrote and recorded a song as a tribute to the everyday hero in our everyday life, mom. The song served as a welcome reminder of where it all begins.

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8. “Cry Pretty”- Carrie Underwood. On the surface, the song doesn’t appear to be a “girl power song.” But for too long, women have felt the need to hide their blemishes, and their emotions. I find the song empowering in that Carrie sings about being able to be emotional, although it won’t be pretty. Being human, isn’t always pretty, and woman have felt the need to be put-together and look good in the face of fear, disappointment, anger and sadness. Time for let go of that stigma.


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