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A few years back, I read a Forbes article titled, “Your Yearbook Photo: Can It Predict Happiness, Divorce, Even Death?” Okay, so that’s a little dramatic,  but the point was there’s a lot more in your smile, than just your lips and teeth!

Of course, what you wore, your hair, and your accessories may have hinted at whether you were a jock, popular, geek or freak. But science suggests that a picture can tell so much more.  According to psychologists, predictions could be drawn to how happy your life would be, whether your marriage would survive , or even your life expectancy.

In 2001 there was a study conducted at the University of California at Berkeley, using women’s yearbook photos, and 30 years of personality data. It revealed that a smile does reveal quite a bit of information. The study found that the women who had radiated happiness in their yearbook, had better health, happier marriage and overall greater satisfaction in life some thirty years later

So, smile! Life can only get better!

Take a look at some of these famous yearbook smiles, and some that didn’t smile at all!

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What does your yearbook say about you?

I can tell you what mine says… I plucked my own eyebrows, I don’t own a flat iron, but I love this choker necklace, and I really hope this picture comes out okay.

Cheers to all the 2019 graduates, and to many more smiles to come.

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