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Three college students learned a very valuable lesson earlier this week.And it wasn’t in a classroom.  Compassion and altruism are lessons learned from life, and practice. When three young men from Malden set out to catch a Red Sox game on Tuesday, little did they know what life would teach them later. There were four of them originally scheduled to take in the Sox/Blue Jays game at Fenway Park. When one dropped out, Sean, Pedro and Pancho set out to make good use of the spare ticket.

At first the boys thought they would sell it and get back their money. Pedro’s dad suggested the find a girl, according to Sean. But then Pedro had the idea to give it to a homeless person. On route to the old ball park, there was John. Perched on a stoop on Brookline Ave, John had no idea what was coming.

The young men told John they didn’t have money, but could offer him a ticket. At first, they thought he wouldn’t go for it. Much to their surprise, John stood up and agreed to go. It turns out he had never been to a Red Sox game. What followed was sheer joy for the man given a break from life on the streets for a few hours, and for the boys who brought him.

Although the Sox lost this one, the young men from Malden were big winners. And… so was John.

I ain't got a sox Jersey kehd, John popped out, we lost to the blue jays, and fuck the Yankees.

209 Likes, 10 Comments - sean wetzonis (@seanw_05) on Instagram: "I ain't got a sox Jersey kehd, John popped out, we lost to the blue jays, and fuck the Yankees."


For more on this story, check out this from Boston 25:

With extra Sox ticket, 3 young men made a homeless man's night

BOSTON - An act of kindness extended by three young men has gotten a lot of attention on social media since then. Sean Wetzonis says it all started when he, Pedro and two other friends from Malden planned to attend the game. But one friend backed out, leaving Pedro with an extra ticket.

I always believed we can learn much about life from baseball, like… swing because you might just hit, it “ain’t over til it’s over,” and team work makes the dream work. But this lesson is one that goes far beyond the field… clearing the wall in left field, over the Green Monster. This is a home run.



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