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As we head into what is expected to be one of the toughest weeks in the coronavirus, here in New England, we will need an escape more than ever.

Enter: ABC

The network has come to our rescue with more guilty pleasure viewing. Think: The Bachelor, The Musical. In this new spinoff, they’ve brought back their loveable host, Chris Harrison and the goal is the same… for the contestants to find love. Only this time there’s not only love in the air, there is music!

The show is called, Listen To Your Heart (after the 1988 Roxette song). In this version, 23 singles, all singers and musicians, live under the same roof, and search for love through a duet partner. Harmonies may gel, but will that mean a love match?

This is must-see-tv for me! It all begins tonight at 8:00 on ABC!


Get to know the players in this love game!

The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart, Cast, Characters and Stars

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