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It’s been happening around the world. And tonight it’ll happen here, in Massachusetts!

There is a movement happening to show our support for all the heroes of this horrid virus that has claimed too many lives,sickened too many people, and put too many at unnecessary risk.

Our heroes are those who are putting their own lives at risk to save others. They are the people showing up to make sure we are fed, and essential goods are delivered. They are the people keeping our towns safe, our people healthy, our packages delivered and the municipals running.

So, let’s show them all the love tonight at 7:00 and every Friday by cheering , clapping, woo-hooing. Lean out your window, head to your porch, your stoop, sidewalk or anywhere near your home and make some noise! Let’s do this Massachusetts.

Oh, make sure you capture it on camera and #clapbecausewecareboston or #clapbecausewecaremassachusetts!


Last week, NYC got on the Clap Because We Care bandwagon, and it was beautiful!

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