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As I Hope You’re Happy Now  approaches number one, Jonathan Wier and Ayla Brown spoke with Carly Pearce and Lee Brice about their personal experiences with the song and if they’re happy now.

Jonathan noted that the song stemmed from a true story and was wondering if there’s a silver lining as an artist. There may be heartbreak, but a song comes out of it. Carly is always grateful for the real-life inspiration, but it is tough going through something like that. “I think that when you’re experiencing something, I think that it’s your job as an artist to be a vessel for what other people are going through.”

Luke Combs co-wrote the song and had the title “I Hope You’re Happy Now.” Ayla asked more about what it was like to write such an emotional song, wondering if it just spilled out. Carly says Luke was funny because she was ready to write it all down, “And he was like, what if we spin it? You tell your side and he goes, I’ve been this dude before. And honestly, I’ve been pretty mad about it, so I think I can do it.” On Carly’s side, after hearing the chord progression, the lyrics just fell out of her mouth, which has never happened before.

Lee recorded his part entirely on his tour bus, which is equipped with a full studio. He is gone all the time and wanted to spend as much time as he can with his kids when he’s home. “I was like, they needed a vocal then, so I just like, well, I’m not coming home for a long time. I’m on the road, but I got a studio out here.”

The song may have been written from Carly’s perspective, but Jonathan discusses some of the emotional lines Lee has, including “I’m a mess, I’m a wreck” and wondered if there were any personal experiences behind this. “I feel like, you know, that’s what makes this song so special, is that everybody’s been on at least one side of this story.”

Ayla asks if they’re both happy now, “Very happy, especially if we can get this thing to number one.”

Listen to the full interview below