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My Girlfriend Is Getting A Tattoo To Commemorate A Dead Iguana, But That Isn’t Even A Real Pet

My Girlfriend Is Getting A Tattoo To Commemorate A Dead Iguana, But That Isn't Even A Real Pet Jack's girlfriend had a pet iguana which he hated. It recently died and she has been taking it hard. She even says she is getting a giant tattoo of the iguana on her entire arm. But Jack doesn't understand why she is so upset because he doesn't think an iguana is a real pet. Should he be more sympathetic to her or is she over reacting? Check Out Jack's Call About Her Pet Iguana Jonathan: And today for Panic button we have Jack. His problem is his girlfriend's pet died, and he's not feeling a lot of sympathy for what's going on there. Ayla: No empathy. Jack. Jack: Yeah, well, my girlfriend's pet iguana died. She's had it for 15 years. Way before I knew her. And I’ve got to say, I hated the thing. It was weird. Creepy. It smelled funny. It would jump on the coffee table when we were watching TV. Ayla:Iguana's jump? Jonathan: Oh yeah. Ayla: I just knew they fall off trees when it gets cold. Jonathan: My wife had a teacher in high school or junior high school. They had an iguana in the class, and she said she hated it because it would literally jump from a tree that he had in there to under people's desks while they were trying to study or take a test. She hated the thing. Ayla: Oh, that's kind of cool, actually. Okay. Keep going Jack. Jack: I feel bad because it was her pet, but I feel like she's making too big of a deal about it. She's just taken bereavement off work. And now she says she's gonna get an iguana tattoo up her arm all the way up to her shoulder. Jonathan: What? To commemorate the iguana that she had? It's just an iguana tattoo? Okay. Ayla: I bet the tattoo artist has never seen that one before. Jonathan: No, I bet if you're someone who gets a tattoo like that, you probably would. Ayla: Does she have tats? Is she a tattoo girl. Or would this be her first one? Jack: I wouldn't call her a tattoo girl. No. Jonathan: So she doesn't have any. Jack: A tiny one. Jonathan: Okay. Yeah. Ayla: You all have one tiny little one. Jonathan: Like a tramp stamp thing. Ayla: But the iguana would be a whole arm. Jonathan: Yeah, a whole arm thing that's too far. But, I mean, why do you care? Is she just not processing her grief correctly as far as you're concerned or what? Jack: I mean, you could call it that. But it's not like this was a real pet. You know, it's not a dog. It's not a cat. I could understand if it was. Jonathan: What about you? What about a dog? Jack: I could maybe understand a dog. More than this lizard. You know, it licks its eyeball. It doesn't love you. Ayla: Oh, you don't know that, Jack. My sister's a veterinarian, and she loves all animals equally. Jonathan: Yeah, she's not the best case example. Ayla: She would tell you that an iguana is definitely a pet that I'm sure has love for people. Jonathan: People had pet rocks back in the 70s and 80s. That doesn't make them real pets. Jack: Yeah, it's a cold blooded lizard. I'm pretty sure it only wants to eat. Ayla: But you don't have to deal with it anymore, Jack. Just wipe your hands clean. Why is this such a big deal to you? Jack: Well, it's a big deal because she's convinced her boss to take bereavement days. Jonathan: Oh my God. Jack: And I mean, and she's going to tattoo her body for the rest of her life now. I don't want to date a girl with an iguana on her arm. I'm sorry. Ayla: Okay, then don't work this. It's not up to you. It's her body, her choice. Jonathan: Okay. All right. Jack: I have to look at it. Jonathan: Don't you think at a certain point if you're doing body modification like that, then the person you're with should have some say. Ayla: They're not married. Jonathan: Oh, so not until you're married. Ayla: Yeah, yeah. Jonathan: You're a hypocrite.

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