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Yup, reading that headline again…

There’s a study for everything, and this is a study I can sink my teeth into. After a lifetime of hearing bread and pasta are bad, looks like they may not be all bad, and in fact may be good for us!

According to a study published in the journal, JAMA Internal Medicine, eating plant-based protein, found in foods like pasta and bread, has been linked to a lower risk of death.

Apparently, substituting certain carbs for proteins was also linked to better cardiovascular measures such as blood pressure, as well as fat and sugar levels in the blood.

Read all about it HERE!

Bread and Pasta Linked to Lower Risk of Death

Bread and Pasta Linked to Lower Risk of DeathBread and pasta go well together in a meal, but there's usually concern over the high amount of carbohydrates. A new study, however, found that eating more protein from plant-based foods like pasta, bread, and cereal, was linked to a lower risk of death overall and death by cardiovascular disease.



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