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Carolyn Kruse

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In a world filled with uncertainty, stress, and fear, it sure is nice to hear a story like this.

ReMARKable Cleanouts, a resale store located in Norwood, is known as a place where there are plenty of good finds… from china to furniture, musical instruments and jewelry.

Recently customers found a real gem. A mystery musician asked the owner, Mark Waters if he could play the piano. Mark responded, “absolutely”
according to WBZ tv CBSN Boston. 

…And the crowd went wild. The owner is now looking for the masked mystery musician because he wants to offer him the piano for his performance, or perhaps pay him to perform.

Were you there?

WBZ | CBS Boston

"We'll give him the piano. Bring the kid in! We'd be more than happy to bring it to him. We can't find him!"


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