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He’s never one to make much noise, when it comes to social media.

So, when Chris Stapleton cleaned out his accounts, it nearly feel on deaf ears. But there was a reason for clearing his social media. Clearly, he was starting over.

Today, Country 1025 will debut Stapleton’s first single in a very long time, and it’s called (you guessed it)… “Starting Over.” Listen during the commercial free All Request Lunch!

We now know the album’s release date thanks to this very cool video promotional video. BTW, his only comment on the post was also the album’s release date, 11.13.20. Maren Morris had the best comment, “Saving 2020!”



No Description

The single will be the title track from the forthcoming album.


The mystery man also included faded, handwritten words on his profile pic, in his signature esoteric kind of way. You have to click on his profile pic to see it clearly, where his name and new song titled are revealed, while a piece of the song plays in the background.



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