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Are you a peanut butter in the fridge kind of person? If so… good on ya!

According to some of the country’s top chefs that’s where pb belongs.

There are so many foods that apparently we get wrong, when it comes to storing them. Did you know nuts should be stored in the freezer or the refrigerator? Apparently when stored in a cupboard or pantry, moisture can cause fungus. Gross! I’m immediately moving mine to the arctic box.

What to do with maple syrup? Put it in the fridge! It can also grow fungus.

Chocolates, cured means and yes, peanut butter all need cold storage.

Some people hate their bread stored in the refrigerator, but that’s where experts say it belongs. Mustard should be there too, along with garlic-infused olive oil which contains botulism, so… make room in your fridge.

What about those chocolate chip cookies? Leave them on the counter and they’ll be gone in a minute, so put them in the freezer! Eat them when your are ready. Heat them up for even more deliciousness.

I guess I have some work to do today.

Are you surprised by these storage recommendations?


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