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2008 Gillette Stadium

Sure, the sultan of summer had to hang up his sandals for the season, thanks to the pandemic. But you know what? You can take Kenny Chesney off the stage, but you can’t take his spirit out of summer, and you can’t take his music out of our hearts. It lives within and on this station, one of the first in the country to have ever played a Kenny song. He remembers that, appreciates that, and never forgot who helped to get him where he is.

It is a mutual love affair New England has with Kenny Chesney.

He had to cancel his Chillaxification Tour set for Gillette Stadium (home of No Shoes Nation) this weekend. And yesterday, he expressed his feelings about missing this annual tradition on social media.



Last summer, Kenny took time off the stadium road to regroup, recoup and recharge. He called me and expressed then how much he missed being in New England for his tradition… of ending his summer tour here.

Take a listen


This summer, we live in the memories. But, hey Everything Is Gonna Be Alright. Next year, we can raise our Pirate Flag and celebrate Summertime. For Here And Now, we look forward to 2021.  So, let’s all just Get Along, American Kids and enjoy what we’ve got …plenty of The Good Stuff and Kenny on the radio.

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