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In honor of the 100th anniversary of women getting the right to vote, Mattel has created a Susan B. Anthony Barbie doll.

The toy company launched an “Inspiring Women Series” of Barbie dolls back in 2018, as a way to honor historical role modes and inspire young girls to dream bigger.

The 100th anniversary coincides with what would have been Susan B. Anthony’s 200th birthday, and the upcoming presidential election.

While Susan was protesting and fighting for women’s rights to vote back on November 5, 1872, she was arrested at her home in Rochester, New York, for breaking the law and voting in the presidential election. Her actions paved the way for our 19th amendment, which prevents women from being denied the right to vote. Unfortunately, Susan B didn’t live to see the amendment enacted.

The Barbie Inspiring Women Series includes tennis icon Billie Jean King, astronaut Sally Ride, jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald,  activist Rosa Parks and nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale, in addition to Susan B. Anthony.

Here’s to hoping Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be our next Barbie!

And please exercise your right to vote this month! (Do it for Susan)


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