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If you’ve ever received really good news and just had to break out in a happy dance, you will understand! Maybe it was good grades, a promotion, winning a decent amount on a lottery ticket… all of these occasions may have called for breaking out your blissful moves!

I saw this video this morning and felt an overwhelming sense of joy for these people I don’t even know. And even though I read about what they’ve been going through during the pandemic, I honestly can’t even begin to imagine what their days have been like. Their endless hours of care, comfort, fear and worry must be astounding.

Yesterday, the BMC was one of the first in Massachusetts to get the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine. And after almost a year of being in the trenches, health care workers took to the street with face masks, shields, and gowns to celebrate the delivery of some long awaited relief.

Some of the staff kicked up their heels on the sidewalk, flash-mob style, to the sounds of  Lizzo’s “Good as Hell,” a feel-good anthem that was a pop hit just before the pandemic turned our lives upside down.

Watch this and just try not to smile.



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