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Flash back to this date, January 22 in the year 2003…an historic day in Red Sox history.

It was this day that the Red Sox signed future legend David Ortiz to just a one-year contract worth $1.25m, following his release by the Minnesota Twins, where he spent the first six years of his career.

What was Big Papi’s debut season in Boston like? He hit triple figures in RBIs, 101 to be exact. In the American League MVP voting, he finished 5th.

And we all know what happened in Ortiz’s 2nd season with the Sox. 2004 happened.

The 86 year curse was erased, and the big man helped to lead Boston to a World Series Championship.

The 2004 season is considered among the greatest in this Sox franchise’s history. Papi earned his first career All-Star appearance, and his first Silver Slugger award. He was named the World Series MVP.

History made. Milestone day noted.


If this doesn’t give you chills…

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