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Today is a day to celebrate the women in our lives who inspire!

Here are a few songs from some of our favorite country artists to add to your playlist, any day of the year, but especially today.



Yeah, it’s a break-up anthem, but Kelsea spins it into a positive. She lost herself in the relationship, but found her glorious self after the break-up. She was missing herself more than she could ever miss “him.” Of course she is living happily ever after now with her husband, Morgan Evans. The power of self-worth prevailed and she found her person.


  • RUNAWAY JUNE- I Can Buy My Own Drinks 

Amen to a self-sufficient anthem! This 2019 hit from the powerhouse trio came together, according to member Jennifer Wayne, when writing with another woman, writer Hillary Lindsey, and male writer Josh Kear. She said, “It was four girls and a guy, and the guy actually came in with the title! He was like, “I have this title, and it’s called “Buy My Own Drinks,” but I don’t know what it means.” We were like, “We do!” It just kind of snowballed from there. I think my favorite line was one that Hannah [Mulholland] said in the write, which was “I can be my own boyfriend.” I just feel like the crowd goes crazy every time we sing that line. That’s a fun little moment.


  • MIRANDA LAMBERT- Mama’s Broken Heart

Written by 2 well known strong women (and a dude) for strong women! Kacey Musgraves and Brandy Clark co-wrote this landmark Miranda #1 with Shane McAnally. As the story goes, the female subject of the song starts “acting crazy” after a breakup and ignores her mama’s advice to act like a lady. Women should be able to be emotional, and embrace their feelings in whatever we chose.  This 2013 gem solidified Miranda’s status as queen of sass.


  • MARTINA MCBRIDE- This One’s For The Girls


In 2003 one of the most powerful voices in country music, Martina McBride, released this one for the ages…literally. The song celebrates women at all ages, their struggle and triumphs. The lesson: Feel beautiful no matter the age and stage. You earned those laugh lines, and “you’re beautiful the way you are.”


  • LAUREN ALAINA- Road Less Traveled

“Why do you keep on staring / That mirror, mirror, it ain’t fair at all / Dress sizes can’t define, don’t let the world decide what’s beautiful.” Lauren Alaina not only co-wrote these lyrics with pop star Meghan Trainor and writer Jesse Frasure, she lived them. She was struggling with an eating disorder, but wanted to share with others feeling the same way that you aren’t defined by what others think of you. You can take the road less traveled and be the one who decides what’s beautiful!

  • MADDIE AND TAE- Girl in a Country Song

It was 2014 and this duo literally burst onto the scene and declared…enough is enough! We are tired of being objectified in “bro-country” songs. Maddie and Tae even called out the guilty party artists by using some of their lyrics/scenarios in this song- that went on to become their first #1 hit. From complaining about having to wear “painted-on cut-off jeans,” to admitting this behavior is driving them “red, red, red, red, red, red, redneck crazy,” the references were brilliantly blatant. 


  • SHANIA TWAIN- Man, I Feel Like A Woman

It’s the country “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” because it’s our prerogative anthem! And that 2009 message still holds strong today. Shania Twain mowed down the path for so many other female singer/songwriters in Nashville to follow in her path. With strong, empowering lyrics, this trailblazer helped all of us to “feel alright!”  With lyrics like, “No inhibitions, make no conditions, get a little outta line, I ain’t gonna act politically correct, I only wanna have a good time,” how could you not feel alright!


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