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This brings a whole new meaning to a shot and a beer…

How’s this for an incentive to get the COVID-19 vaccination…Our Boston-based beer maker announced that starting this Monday, April 12, it is inviting fans to get vaccinated and get a free beer! Sam Adams will send you $7 through the Cash App for a cold one at a favorite bar/restaurant, if you post a photo of your vaccination sticker or bandage to Twitter or Instagram. Make sure you use the hashtag #ShotForSam. (Also please DON’T share your vax record with personal info!)

Must be 21 or older.

The advertising agency that works with Sam Adams, always keeping a Boston sense of humor in tact, launched the campaign with this creatively funny “your cousin from Boston” TV ad.


Even Your Cousin From Boston is getting his COVID-19 vaccine, so don't miss your shot! Cause hey, we all want to get back to the bar.Sam Adams wants to buy y...


So, come on Boston… Let’s vaccinate and celebrate, with a beer! #huzzah


Get the full rules here:

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